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All sales listed on this page were made subsequent to Viable Paradise attendance.

indicates a professional sale as defined by SFWA

   "K.G. Anderson"       website VP 17
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Patience Reading 5 x 5
    Edited by B. Morris Allen
    (Metaphorosis Books)
Mar 2018 short story
Everything Is Fixed Now Welcome to Dystopia
    Edited by Gordon Van Gelder
    (OR Books)
Dec 2017 short story
The Right Man for the Job More Alternative Truths
    Edited by Bob Brown
    (B Cubed Press)
Nov 2017 short story
Unraveling Far-Fetched Fables #179 Oct 2017 short story
Delicious Triangulation
    Edited by Frank Oreto
    (Parsec, Ink)
Aug 2017 short story
The Light of Two Moons Ares Magazine May 2017 short story
Patti 209 Alternative Truths #1
    Edited by Bob Brown
    (B Cubed Press)
May 2017 short story
My Job Is Hell Every Day Fiction Mar 2017 flash fiction
Unraveling Triangulation: Beneath the Surface
    (Parsec, Ink)
Aug 2016 short story
Rowboat Metaphorosis Feb 2016 short story
Rowboat Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016
    Edited by B. Morris Allen
    (Metaphorosis Books)
Winter 2016 short story
His Last Victim The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper Stories
    (Running Press)
Dec 2015 short story
Grief Second Contacts
    Edited by Michael Rimar and Hayden Trenholm
    (Bundoran Press)
Oct 2015 short story
Escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse Story Emporium #1
    Edited by J.A. Campbell
    (David B. Riley)
Aug 2015 short story
   Scott H. Andrews VP 8
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
A Brief Swell of Twilight The Briar Cliff Review 2007 short story Winner: The Briar Cliff Review Fiction Award (2007)
Excision Weird Tales Nov 2007 short story
Ebb Space & Time #107 short story
   Meredith Angwin VP 7
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
A Choice of Rooms Aoife's Kiss Sep 2005 short story
Eye of God Alien Skin short story
Fair Margaret Quantum Muse short story
   Chris Azure VP 10
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Dragonfly Heights Coyote Wild short story
A Taste of Fame Renard's Menagerie short story
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