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All sales listed on this page were made subsequent to Viable Paradise attendance.

indicates a professional sale as defined by SFWA

   "Veronica Dale"       website VP 12
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Time Candle: Coin of Rulve Book Three Jan 2018 novel : Readers' Favorite silver seal (2017)
Dark Twin: Coin of Rulve Book Two Nov 2016 novel : Readers' Favorite silver seal (2016)
Blood Seed: Coin of Rulve Book One Jan 2016 novel : Readers' Favorite silver seal (2016)
Night Cruiser Dec 2014 collection
Dried Beans Vol 120 Issue #12 May 2013 short story
   Karl Dandenell       website VP 16
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       Layover Buzzy Mag forthcoming short story
   "M. J. Danville" VP 7
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
The Other Short Guy Syndrome Forgotten Worlds short story
   Rob Davies       website VP 5
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Mother Sisyphus One Buck Horror Oct 2011 short story
Hiram Grange and the Ghosts of Marrakech Shroud Magazine Sep 2011 short story
Bruise for Bruise Pseudopod Aug 2011 short story
The Harvesting of Jackson Cade Black Static Aug 2011 short story
Juggling Glass Globes at the Hemophiliac's Zoo Murky Depths Mar 2011 short story
Bruise for Bruise Weird Tales Spring 2009 short story
The Ship Interzone #206 Oct 2006 short story
Bruise for Bruise The Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2010 short story
   Robert Dawson       website VP 18
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
How 'Bitcoin' O'Brien Met the Queen of the Fair Folk On Spec forthcoming short story
Iron Jenny and the Princess Over The Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales From The Margins
    Edited by Kelsi Morris and Derek Newman-Stille
    (Exile Publishing)
forthcoming short story
Mercedes and the Interview Polar Borealis forthcoming flash fiction
       Steadies Compelling Science Fiction forthcoming short story
       Take Your Partners Wild Musette #1802 Oct 2018 flash fiction
Washing Day Buckshot Magazine Sep 2018 flash fiction
Confession Drabbledark Jun 2018 microfiction
The Malkin and Thel Tarot Catalog As Told By Things
    Edited by Emily and Chris Bell
    (Atthis Arts)
Jun 2018 flash fiction
The Art of Failure Starship Sofa #539 May 2018 short story
Soup of the Evening Alice Unbound
    (Exile Publishing)
May 2018 short story
Celsius 233 Polar Borealis Mar 2018 flash fiction
The FlightOf The Osprey Neo-Opsis Jan 2018 short story
       On Words That Cannot Be Pronounced Star*Line #40.3 Aug 2017 poem
The Art of Failure Best Military and Adventure SF of the Year #3
    Edited by David Afsharirad
Jun 2017 short story
The Nochi-Jite of Space-Admiral Moto Buckshot Magazine Jun 2017 flash fiction
       Sparrowfall Nature #546 Jun 2017 flash fiction
The White Bear Tesseracts Twenty
    Edited by Spider Robinson, James Alan Gardner
Jun 2017 short story
At The Bend In The Road Far-Fetched Fables #142 Jan 2017 short story
Trader After the Happily Ever After
    (Transmundane Press)
Dec 2016 short story
Thermodemonics Polar Borealis Nov 2016 flash fiction
       The Art of Failure Compelling Science Fiction #1/1 Apr 2016 short story
       Be Mine Forever AE Feb 2016 flash fiction
       Boomerang Zone Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores Feb 2016 short story
At The Bend In The Road Zen of the Dead
    (Popcorn Press)
Nov 2015 short story
Final Episode/Old Shuck/The CircleGame SpeckLit Sep 2015 microfiction
Rattleback freeze frame fictionV2 flash YA Sep 2015 flash fiction
       By Degrees AE #19 Apr 2015 microfiction
   Madeleine Rose Reardon Dimond VP 3
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       War of the Lights Strange Horizons Dec 2005 short story
       Carol for Mixed Voices Strange Horizons Dec 2001 short story
Dancing on the Moon Dancing USA Aug/Sep 2001 short story
   Nadya Duke VP 17
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       Good Numbers Crossed Genres #21 Sep 2014 short story
   "James Dwight"       website VP 7
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
As Worlds Burn Avia Publishing forthcoming novel
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