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Viable Paradise Writer's Workshop

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All sales listed on this page were made subsequent to Viable Paradise attendance.

indicates a professional sale as defined by SFWA

   Mur Lafferty VP 10
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Barry Koleman, Hero Voices for the Cure short story
I Look Forward To Remembering You Hub short story
Merry Christmas from the Heartbreakers Escape Pod short story
Santa In My Pocket Podgeschichten short story
Spot, the Dog Murky Depths comic serial
   Kelly Lagor VP 15
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       How to Make a Triffid forthcoming short story
   Fonda Lee       website VP 18
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       Universal Print Crossed Genres #26 Feb 2015 short story
   Yoon Ha Lee VP 8
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Moon, Paper, Scissors Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet short story
   Margo Lerwill VP 7
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Keep Leading Edge short story
   Marie Loughin VP
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Hell Hole The Anthology From Hell short story
       Rose in Winter Sword and Sorceress XXI short story
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