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All sales listed on this page were made subsequent to Viable Paradise attendance.

indicates a professional sale as defined by SFWA

   Richard Raucci VP 6
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
The Egg's Journal Aberrant Dreams short story
   Leonard Richardson VP 11
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Constellation Games Nov 2011 novel
   Deborah Roggie VP 6
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       The Enchanted Trousseau Fantasy: The Best of 2004 short story
The Enchanted Trousseau Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet short story
       The Mushroom Duchess Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, 19th Annual
    (St. Martin's Press)
short story
The Mushroom Duchess Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet short story
       Swansdown Realms of Fantasy short story
Thievery Eidolon short story
   Margaret Ronald VP 8
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
       And Spare Not the Flock Realms of Fantasy Feb 2008 short story
Funeral Games Helix #5 Jul 2007 short story
Bear Lake Fantasy Magazine short story
Bonefields Ideomancer short story
       Ex Machina Strange Horizons short story
       Goat Eschatologies Strange Horizons short story
Goosegirl Podcastle short story
Goosegirl Fantasy Magazine short story
Keep Coming Back For More Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Badguy short story
       Knight of Coins Baen's Universe short story
Ragnarok Has Been Postponed The Town Drunk short story
Sparking Anger Fantasy Magazine short story
Sparking Anger Best New Fantasy 2
    (Prime Books)
short story
       Spiral Hunt EOS Books novel
To Make The Dead Speak Fantasy Magazine short story
       The Welsh Squadron Strange Horizons short story
   "Lenora Rose" VP 9
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
It Shall Come to Pass on a Summer's Day Ideomancer #9:3 Sep 2009 short story
The Illusion of Steel Eggplant Productions novella
   Lauren Roy       website VP 16
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Ex Astris Fireside Magazine forthcoming flash fiction
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