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Out August 17th, 2021!

For more information about my THIRD novel, please clicky the linky

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The Secret Life of Bots (Clarkesworld, September 2017) won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette
Waterlines (Asimov's, Jul/Aug 2019) won the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award

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Some random silly things, if you're bored:
    Unsolicted Email To Poetry story     new!
    The Cover Letter story
    One Sentence Story story
    This Is A Science-Fiction Poem poem
    Down Gentle (new! not good!) poem
    The Bad Dragon Poem poem
    Two Tables poem
    Broccoli poem
    Crashlanders' Alphabet poem
    A Haiku For Fall poem
    The Middle's The Rub poem
    On the Passing of the Hat poem

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2019 Conventions
February: Boskone (Boston, MA).
more coming...

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Starting on the third Finder novel

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