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Connecting to AW Chat
(If you are seeing these instuctions because AW is itself down, be sure to keep an eye out for information from @absolutewrite on twitter -- it makes recovery easier and faster if people aren't all constantly trying to log into the down site.)

Follow one of these sets of instructions:

  • click on http://www.starchat.net/connect.php
  • Follow instructions on that page. For username, preferably put your AW username.
  • IRC
  • Open your IRC client
  • type /join #absolutewrite
  • if you need to change your nickname, use /nick yournewnickname

  • Mibbit
  • Go to http://www.mibbit.com/chat
  • beside Connect, click on the server link
  • when an input box appears, enter irc.starchat.net after Server:
  • fill in your nickname (your AW username) in the Nick box.
  • in the Channel box, type #absolutewrite
  • click Connect

  • Chatzilla
  • if you haven't already, install the Chatzilla plugin for Firefox
  • once installed, start it from the Tools menu.
  • in Chatzilla window, connect to the server by typing /server irc.starchat.net
  • set a nickname with /nick yournickname, preferably the same as your AW nick
  • to join the main AW room, type /join #absolutewrite
  • when you are done, leave by typing /quit

  • Servers:
    If you're having trouble connecting to a particular starchat server,try a different one? In a client use the /server command, with either the name or ip.
    For example:
            /server Renegade.UL.US.Starchat.net