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All sales listed on this page were made subsequent to Viable Paradise attendance.

indicates a professional sale as defined by SFWA

   Scott Janssens       website VP 5
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Paradox Escape Pod #2 short story
Strange Girlfriend Ideomancer short story
Strange Girlfriend Escape Pod #2 short story
   "N. K. Jemisin"       website VP 6
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
The Dancers' War Like Twin Stars
    (Circlet Press)
forthcoming short story
Red Riding-Hood's Child Running With The Pack
    (Prime Books)
forthcoming short story
       The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Orbit Books 2010 novel
Sinners, Saints, Dragons, and Haints, in the City Beneath the Still Waters Postscripts Magazine 2010 short story
Bittersweet Abyss & Apex short story
The Brides of Heaven Helix short story
Cloud Dragon Skies Escape Pod short story
       Cloud Dragon Skies Strange Horizons short story
L'Alchemista Escape Pod short story
L'Alchemista Scattered, Covered, Smothered
    (Two Cranes Press)
short story
Narcomancer Helix short story
Non-Zero Probabilities Clarkesworld short story
       Playing Nice with God's Bowling Ball Jim Baen's Universe short story
Red Riding-Hood's Child Fishnet short story
Too Many Yesterdays, Not Enough Tomorrows Ideomancer short story
       The You Train Strange Horizons short story
   Micah Joel VP 14
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
The Knuth Number On The Premises forthcoming short story
   Clifford Royal Johns       website VP 3 & 4
Pro Title Market Date Type Notes
Big Steel in the Sky Crossed Genres forthcoming short story
Universal Joint Nasty Snips forthcoming flash fiction
Walking Shadow Nasty Snips forthcoming novel
The Colossal Walden Electric Spec short story
Consequences of Deliberation Crossed Genres short story
Death News Whortlebeary press
    Edited by Jean Goldstrom
    (Whortleberry Press)
short story
Dog Thinks Ahead Shimmer short story
The Fake Future Mystery Anthology Magazine short story
Forget Me Not Mysterical-E novelette Finalist: The Derringer Award
The Friendship Balm Storystation short story
Hobo Farthing short story
I Take Care of the Dog Flash Me #7 short story
Ratfish Coyote Wild short story
Running From Judgment SDO Fantasy short story
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